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Letter: Too many conservative columnists in the newspaper

Published on February 2, 2018 5:33PM

A day to remember: The legislative branch just broke existing standards and practices by releasing a memo criticizing the effort put forth by the law enforcement arm of the government. The memo itself is just opinion; the intelligence it is based upon is valuable in the hands of the enforcement branch and investigative arm of the government. Our country is a nation based in law. The subversion of law for political benefit harms each of us.

As we search for answers and news in regard to the ongoing situation, it would be nice to find factual sources in our local paper. Each area served by a paper is often at the mercy of what is printed as important or factual. The opinion page has selectively featured columnists who lean toward the conservative point of view and question some of the existing checks and balances at play in the political investigation into the election of 2016. I would expect the local editorial board to do better than to print another Bret Stephens column that harps on the “what if” non-circumstances of imaginary scenarios in his mind. None of the column offered sound or factual basis, it was just his imagination stoking political fires that don’t exist.

Where have Nicholas Kristof, Timothy Egan, Thomas Friedman or Paul Krugman been relegated to? They are often informative and frequently upbeat; will they be appearing again in this paper?

Colleen Blackwood



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