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LETTER: Is BMCC rodeo arena best use of money?

Published on February 6, 2018 3:53PM

Why is so much money, possibly upwards of $10-12 million, being spent on a rodeo venture at the Pendleton Blue Mountain Community College? I understand that it would help the college animal science program, but why something this big, and expensive, and this dependent on county and city for future use? BMCC isn’t about Pendleton Round-Up or rodeos. BMCC surely isn’t about being a tourist attraction or fundraiser for the city. It is only a community college.

BMCC is about education. It is a community college for students to either earn a degree for great employment or credits to enter into a college of higher learning. A community college is available for everyone in the Umatilla County area.

The cost of attending BMCC is ridiculously expensive as it is. The cost of credits alone is increasing from $97 per credit to $104 per credit this coming year!

“Lack of funding at the state level forces community colleges to place an unfair burden on the backs of students in the form of tuition increases,” a news release from BMCC stated. Put your knee high boots on because the cow poop is getting deep!

Why not use the above money BMCC President Cam Preus has such wonderful future spending plans for; why not invest money into county grants for all the students that depend on getting degrees through BMCC and are residents of our county to help cover classroom literature for example? BMCC is Blue Mountain Community College, not a Blue Mountain Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo Event Grounds to rent out and a college rodeo team. The community, since it includes a BMCC located in the Hermiston area also, is about community of Umatilla County, not just one city and is not supposed to be involved in the tourist business. I’m just sayin’.

Bernie Sanderson



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