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Letter: Doesn’t our right to life outweigh right to bear arms?

Published on February 16, 2018 1:05PM

Seriously? Is the right to own any kind of weapon is more important than the safety of our kids in schools across this nation? The politicians under the thumb of the National Rifle Association without a hint of a backbone or decency using the tired old “our hearts and prayers” line or “now is not the time” line when responding to these all too common atrocities is so discouraging. What are we doing?

We’re always patting ourselves on the back about being the greatest country in the world and we refuse to directly confront this huge problem plaguing our society on a daily basis. Our gutless president and other members of Congress on the take from the NRA show their true colors. Their loyalty to this all-too-powerful organization and the money they receive from them is far more important to them then is the safety of our society.

Please remember to vote accordingly the next time you have the opportunity. Let’s get our priorities in order and try to truly deserve the label as the greatest country in the world.

David Gracia



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