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Letter: Renewable fuel standard supports domestic biofuels

Published on February 19, 2018 4:38PM

We are continually bombarded with news about new oil drilling and fracking, but that’s not the only solution for domestic fuel production or the only path toward loosening OPEC and Russia’s grip on energy supplies — homegrown biofuels also play an integral role.

Domestic energy security is no longer a far-fetched goal. It is finally within reach. But it can’t happen without the continued steadfast support from President Trump and the Environmental Protection Agency of homegrown biofuels and the renewable fuel standard.

American-made ethanol already replaces over 500 million gallons of oil each year and comprises 10 percent of domestic fuel consumption. It provides a cleaner-burning alternative to toxic additives, reducing carbon emissions by 43 percent when compared to traditional gasoline. As a bonus, it holds down prices for American consumers.

The benefits from wonderful policies like the renewable fuel standard aren’t just seen nationally, but locally as well. Biofuel production supports 16,000 Oregon jobs and provides a clear path towards domestic energy security.

To support this progress, I hope Congressman Greg Walden will stand in support of the renewable fuel standard and other green policies just like it that help to continue to provide jobs and innovation opportunities for Oregonians.

Christiana Mayer

Forest Grove


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