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Letter: Increase in school shootings linked to country’s loss of faith

Published on February 22, 2018 4:17PM

The latest mass murder of our youth in a school in Florida is an indictment upon current American culture, relative morals and humanistic values.

Our youth and citizens are not safe in the womb, in our schools, in our churches, or even in our homes. There is plenty of blame to go around and part of it is valid. We can blame the assault rifle. We can blame the NRA. We can blame the FBI that we no longer trust to investigate anything. We can blame Hollywood that glorifies violence. We can blame rap music that glorifies death, rape and murder. We can blame the national media and press that no longer represent journalistic integrity or reports truth and exposes wickedness. We can blame our self-serving lawmakers that protect special interests, pursue an anti-God and anti-America agenda by taking advantage of our most vulnerable, our broken youth, to advance their global cause. We can blame our courts that no longer honor the sanctity of life, our constitutional freedoms, or our historical Christian heritage.

The blame game will never resolve our present crisis until we deal with the root cause of the demise of our culture and way of life. There have been assault rifles in America since WWII, yet mass school murders didn’t begin until nearly 50 years later. What changed? Culture changed. American values changed. Our youth are now growing up in an America ruled by a disregard for human life, fueled by the violence of Hollywood and video games, and confused with gender misidentification and sexual promiscuity. Is it any wonder that some of our youth do not value human life when our culture promotes the death of babies in the womb and then encourages the merchandising their precious body parts for profit?

The root cause of our national demise can be found in no other place than the human heart. This present assault on our children, our nation and our way of life has unfolded under the watch of the current Christian church in America. The Bible teaches judgment begins at the house of God.

Stuart Dick



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