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Letter: Local boy Bounds deserving of Circuit Court seat

Published on February 22, 2018 4:24PM

Last changed on February 23, 2018 11:02AM

I appreciated the thoughtful editorial comment provided by a group of highly-successful graduates who grew up with Ryan Bounds in Eastern Oregon. Bounds, as we know, was nominated for a position on the Ninth District Court of Appeals and is being opposed by Oregon’s two U. S. senators based upon comments he wrote for a student publication almost three decades ago.

As a longtime educator, I am sorely disappointed that two individuals, who must surely be aware of the value of education, have such a misguided view of the benefits that come from molding and shaping young minds and the growth that takes place when we stimulate those minds. What is the purpose of encountering new, different, and divergent views and ideas if not to continue growing intellectually and shaping our beliefs and actions as we mature?

If they keep digging in their politically-motivated effort to deny a seat on the court to a highly qualified potential jurist from Eastern Oregon, perhaps they might also find he may have called someone a name on the playground when he was a student at West Park Elementary School.

Oregon deserves more thoughtful and enlightened performance from its highest elected officials.

George Murdock

Umatilla County Commissioner



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