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Letter: Conservation group should purchase ‘worthless’ property

Published on March 2, 2018 5:13PM

The request and attached packet of letters asking the city to donate the property at the bottom of NW 7th to the Riparian’s was quite impressive. “A very professional job,” states the mayor.

However, if you actually read the material, it becomes readily apparent many of the facts are distorted or misrepresented. A claim that the quality of our drinking water would be affected was actually quite humorous. With what fish, wildlife, kids and goats do in the river, I’m kind of glad our drinking water comes from wells rather than pumped from the river.

The claims that the levee, walkway and tourism would be adversely affected should the property be developed were also a bit ridiculous. The walkway is crackling and crumbling. Blaming this on activity north of the river would be stretching it. I would suggest that the riparians pony up and purchase that worthless piece of property from the city, though I suspect it’s much more valuable than they claim.

It kind of makes you wonder if anyone actually read the complete packet before making a decision.

With a critical housing shortage claimed by the mayor, and budget issues looming ahead caused by a rapidly escalating PERS liability according to the city manager, it makes little sense to give away valuable property to a small special interest group.

Rick Rohde Pendleton


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