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Letter: Demand change that reduces mass shootings

Published on March 6, 2018 4:02PM

Another day in America — another mass shooting. I was appalled that after the deaths of six-year-olds at Sandy Hook, nothing changed in America’s response to these tragedies. And now we are grieving those in Parkland.

We, the American people, expect that our representatives will sit together and agree to achieve this simple goal: Americans must stop dying at the hands of mass murderers.

I believe we have elected people that are talented enough to find answers that will make progress toward that goal. Until then, I realize that our new normal is not that deaths will happen, but only how high the number will be the next time.

On March 24, Americans across the country will be gathering to send a message to our legislators that this carnage must stop. Plan to be there.

Toni Lampkin



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