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Letter: Listen to students to protect life, democracy

Published on March 7, 2018 3:23PM

Nowhere in America today is there a more impassioned, energetic and starkly realistic response to dire tragedy than by the students at Majorie Stoneman Douglas High School. When the power of the NRA, coupled with political cowardice, crashed down upon their lives with the murder of 17 fellow students, they, alone, experienced terrorism first hand. Their cries, as only those so afflicted must cry, was “NEVER AGAIN!” Sadly, some are patronized and others vilified for their courage and actions.

This wonderful youth, so hopeful, is symbolic of what proactive American attitudes could be. But it appears many don’t give a damn, not just about guns, but democracy itself. Why not? The economy is excellent, unemployment low, stock market bullish, and now, the temporary tax reduction — a patronizing gift from the wealthy and corporations. Many feel comfortable — falsely.

Know there really is a destructive “elephant in the room” — Trump. He is consolidating dictatorial power evermore unimpeded, while vastly increasing his wealth. The rest of his act is smoke and mirrors. So hear the students! “Never again” is now! Get angry! Unite! There is no meaning after it is too late.

Leif Hatletsad

Rogue River


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