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Letter: Murdock deserves another term as commissioner

Published on April 13, 2018 5:55PM

As mayor of Hermiston, I’m pleased endorse George Murdock in his bid for a second full term as Umatilla County commissioner.

Hermiston and Umatilla County in general have benefited from his leadership and experience. He is a man of his word and delivers on his promises.

Recently, he has been the key figure in creating a win-win agreement regarding EOTEC. He worked openly and cooperatively with the city to forge a long-term solution that bodes well for our community, and that simplifies the management of EOTEC while still providing the county with a beautiful new home for the fair.

More recently, he was the county leader in helping frame an infrastructure project that will help solve our housing shortage by using funds from the Lamb-Weston expansion project to invest in infrastructure to create positive economic growth and development.

Anyone can identify problems. The real issue is finding solutions. In my mind, George Murdock has earned our vote to a second full term as commissioner.

Dave Drotzmann



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