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Letter: Neahring the candidate to fix a broken system

Published on May 2, 2018 11:56AM

I endorse Jenni Neahring for Congress, a physician and problem-solver who has diagnosed the hardships Greg Walden has inflicted on Oregonians across the 2nd District and who offers the vision, skills and homegrown devotion residents need to improve communities abandoned by Walden’s Beltway priorities.

I encourage Oregonians to join me in helping to release Oregon’s 2nd District from a Clive Bundy sympathizer and give its people a representative who will put them first.

Jenni will protect Medicare and Medicaid and work to support rural hospitals that Walden threatens. She demands that Congress start financing much-needed infrastructure, expand renewable energy and focus on job creation, and stop funding so-called “limited” nuclear bombs, tax breaks for the rich and unnecessary border walls.

Most of all, Jenni knows Congress is broken and is determined to help fix it. Gridlock, party-above-country thinking, bowing down to special interests, and partisan warfare — these abuses must stop before American democracy itself is endangered. Jenni is the candidate with skills to help fix a broken system.

Having served Oregonians in Congress for 18 years, I have a deep appreciation for what it takes to meet the challenges and responsibilities of governing. In this crowded primary field, I believe Jenni Neahring stands out as the best candidate and someone who can effectively represent all of the citizens of Oregon’s 2nd District.

Les AuCoin is a former representative of Oregon’s 1st Congressional District and member of the Oregon House of Representatives.


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