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Letter | Pullen has heart for Umatilla County citizens

Published on May 14, 2018 7:30PM

Last changed on May 14, 2018 9:11PM

I support Rick Pullen to be our County Commissioner #1. Not only has Rick been born and raised in this county, but Rick has a heart for the people and that they have a job that not only support their families, but a position that makes our county better. He will be honest with you and he will be available when you need him.

Rick served six years as a combat medical specialist in the United States Army. He is currently serving on the board of directors and as an emergency planner with the sheriff’s department search and rescue. For 14 years He has worked for Umatilla County, part of that as the emergency preparedness coordinator for public health, and had the pleasure of writing all emergency plans that are currently in place. The last 10 of those years he has worked in management, working directly across the hall from our county commissioners’ office, and has seen and heard many areas of concern that he will address.

He doesn’t believe that eliminating positions is the way to balance the budget, he believes that is poor management and unacceptable. He believes that our spending should be controlled year-around. He will work hard for our county.

Yes, I am his mom, but I know this man and believe that God has helped his dad Bob Pullen and I to raise our five kids to be decent and honest. We are proud of Rick’s accomplishments and because he is a husband, dad and grandpa he knows how to love and he will love and care for you our county.

Your vote counts, that is why I am asking you to vote for Rick Pullen County Commission #1.

Merilyn Pullen



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