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Letter | U.S. health care costs and lying attorneys

Published on August 7, 2018 3:20PM

I recently read your article on the retirement of Dr. Norman Sitz. I really enjoyed his opinion on our current medical system. He believes we need a one-payer system like most other nations. His quote by Winston Churchill that “America always manages to do the right thing only after they have done everything else wrong” was profound.

If you look on the internet you will find that our education system is ranked 16th globally and 20th in math. We spend around $13,500 per year per student, which ranks fifth globally. We can not discipline, teach the 10 Commandments or teach children mental health through prayer, meditation, etc., without getting sued. We retire our teachers 12 to 15 years earlier than Germany. They retire at 67. We need to start getting our money’s worth out of our education and health care services.

Our national health care costs us around 25 percent of our gross national product. Forty-eight percent of our bankruptcies are from people who have health insurance that does not pay for their client’s bills. We need a one-payer system that attorneys cannot sue.

England’s health care costs it 13 percent of its GNP. Germany has womb to tomb health care for 15 percent of its GNP. The major difference in their costs is our legal fees. Our attorneys advertise on TV to sue everyone for everything. Their legal system requires attorneys to tell the truth in their courts of law. If they are caught lying they lose their license and go to jail.

If we made our attorneys take the oath to tell the truth in our courts our system would immediately change. The more an attorney lies, the more they make! They must be required to disclose whom they truly represent if an insurance company is involved. Their clients must legally employ them — not their client’s insurance company. We must demand complete change in our broken system.

Nothing can change in our medical or educational systems until we change our legal systems.

Kalvin B. Garton



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