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Letter | Walden the best representative for rural Oregon

Published on August 7, 2018 3:20PM

It seems that Greg Walden could find a cure for cancer, and yet some unreasonable partisans would still oppose him, putting partisan politics ahead of making positive accomplishments. None of these accomplishments are being recognized by some angry partisans, who, by the way, are nothing but the loud minority. They oppose everything Greg Walden does, grasping at straws to put a Democrat, Jamie Mcleod-Skinner, in office. Her agenda is to transform Oregon’s 2nd District into a clone of Portland. Is this what we want?

The majority of citizens in our community know better, and are standing by Greg Walden, who has consistently fought for the constituents of the 2nd District. Whether it was passing legislation to fix forest management in our state, stop the opioid crisis, or working to get the Hammonds pardoned, Greg is here for the people of the 2nd District of Oregon. These are not partisan issues. He understands our way of life and is truly a representative of rural Oregon.

Mcleod-Skinner says that she likes to avoid buzzwords — so she won’t ever use the words socialized medicine when she tells you she supports it. She is hiding behind this façade of appearing moderate while actually pushing an extremely liberal agenda. The people of the 2nd District deserve much better. This liberal agenda has nothing to do with improving the lives of Oregonians. Our local guy, Greg Walden, is working hard for us and definitely deserves our support again in November.

Kristine Wilhelm

Hood River


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