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Letter | RV parking area a downside to fairgrounds

Published on August 21, 2018 12:01AM

Last changed on August 21, 2018 9:15PM

Another county fair is in the books. The nostalgia of animal barns, Ferris wheels, elephant ears, and camping at the fair often lingers in my mind. I was nervous about the change to the new fairgrounds, but sometimes change is necessary. I see great potential in the new location. My kids love the fair, and had a great time as always.

I was quite disappointed in the camping area, though. The first year of camping at the new fairgrounds was challenging, but we understood because everything was new, and still being worked on. This year, we really thought that things would be improved. Instead, it was worse. Having no electricity or sewer is very difficult, especially in the heat. Our desire to be a part of the fair is strong enough to endure those difficult conditions, nonetheless.

However, the weed infestation covering the camping area was just too much. The weeds left thorns (goatheads) everywhere. It was impossible to take a step anywhere outside the campers without getting a shoeful of thorns. Several pairs of shoes, our new RV hose, and camper carpet will never be the same. Instead of the usual fond memories of the fair, we have flashbacks of needles and tweezers, pulling out painful thorns.

It was sad to me that more concern for the general people camping at the fair was not shown. I certainly hope that the county fair I take pride in attending will have an improved facility for camping by next year.

Sara Taylor



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