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Letter | McLeod-Skinner recognizes global warming threat

Published on August 22, 2018 5:40PM

Most of us accept the scientific evidence that our world is warming. The downstream effects of warming our global environment are not good. Worldwide there will be hotter temperatures, more droughts, fires, famine, and refugees. There will be more competition for dwindling resources, potentially threatening our own national security.

One major cause of this warming is mankind’s activities. Thus, we have the theoretical ability to change this scenario. We need our lawmakers to acknowledge this and come up with science based solutions. How do we know which of our District 2 congressional candidates is paying attention and willing to do this? An easy way is to look at their website and see their stance on global warming.

Greg Walden’s website doesn’t mention it. Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s website says global warming is the greatest threat to our environment there is. I’m voting for Jamie.

John Schwartz

The Dalles


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