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Letter | Walden hard at work

Published on August 23, 2018 12:01AM

Last changed on August 23, 2018 9:50PM

What does a U.S. representative do? I can tell you what Greg Walden, the U.S. representative for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District, does.

He finds lost Social Security checks, helps get funding for economic development projects and cuts through red tape to secure veterans’ benefits. He is working on legislation that addresses forest health and managing our rampant wild fires. He has worked to expand rural broadband and roll back regulations that have hurt small towns. He is fighting to fund crucial rural health care for the children’s health insurance programs and community health centers.

I am amused at recent letters to the editor from folks who say they can’t find

Greg. Let me tell you why. HE IS WORKING! He is busy addressing the needs of his Oregon constituents.

It is the plot of a made-for-TV movie that a new, fresh-faced person from California, who has just been elected to Congress from Oregon, goes to Washington, D.C., and convinces all the seasoned and experienced legislators to immediately join her and endorse her ideas. It is a great fantasy for the campaign trail but the reality of the job of representative involves years of hard work, study of the issues and experience working with other legislators. It is not an instant process, like mixing a Cup-o-Soup.

Real life involves gaining experience, trust and making friends and allies on both sides of the aisle. Real life involves representing Oregonians since Greg was first elected in 1998.

Congressman Greg Walden is the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. That prestigious honor only comes by virtue of knowledge, experience, being bipartisan and working hard. We need to keep that experience and knowledge working for Oregon.

We need Greg Walden.

Zee Koza

La Grande


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