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Letter | Are you ready to vote?

Published on September 3, 2018 4:40PM

Over the past year, Jamie McLeod-Skinner has visited with communities and people all across Oregon’s Congressional District 2. You may have seen her and talked with her. You likely learned that she is a clear and caring communicator. You likely have learned about Jamie’s strong background in public service and her deep respect for all people.

Jamie has been asking for your vote in the U.S. congressional race against Greg Walden. She has been asking you whether Walden has lately been a supportive and interactive congressional representative for all of District 2. Jamie has been asking you whether you want better (real) representation in Washington, D.C. Are you ready?

In mid-October Oregon’s mail-in ballots will arrive in your mail box. Are you ready to vote your full ballot? Do you know enough about Jamie McLeod-Skinner to make your vote? There is more information at https://jamiefororegon.com/

Jamie will represent all of Oregon’s Congressional District 2 when she is in Washington, D.C. She cares about agriculture, and water, and the environment, and business, and fiscal management, and people. Especially people. Are you ready to vote for Jamie? Please be ready, and please mark your ballot for Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Patty Jones

Pilot Rock


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