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Letter | Sticking with my union

Published on September 3, 2018 4:40PM

Recently, rich donors like the Koch Brothers got their wish and public employee unions have gone “right to work.” Now, public employees may opt out of paying for the representation they receive from their union.

As a home care worker, I have the same choice. On this Labor Day I am sticking with my union.

Before moving to Oregon I provided home care in Florida. I received no health care benefits and no one had my back. An accident or an illness would have ruined me.

In 2016, after moving to Oregon, I did have an accident that prevented me from working. The healthcare plan that my union contract affords me saved me from personal and financial hardships that I don’t want to imagine. And it meant I could get better and continue providing care to the five veterans that I have had the honor to care for here in Oregon.

Sunita Parke



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