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Letter | Don’t melt ICE

Published on September 7, 2018 2:24PM

Recent protests to abolish Immigration and Custom Enforcement demonstrate again how low the leftist liberals — and Hollywood elites — are willing to go, and how unbalanced they have become. It is downright scary to imagine the terrible consequences of not having ICE in place to try and have some degree of control over who enters our country.

What they really do is: stop human trafficking (big business to the cartels); find and prevent terrorists from entering our country; intercept large shipments of illegal firearms trying to enter the USA; stop tons of illegal drugs from entering the country; and arrest and deport illegal criminals who are already inside the U.S., along with other important responsibilities.

Trump inherited poor immigration policy left over by several former presidents. Now there are hundreds of thousands of asylum and refugee cases pending in the courts, which will take years to be tried. That is why President George W. Bush invented the infamous “catch and release” program, which allows these illegal immigrants just to escape into the population — with the “promise”’ they will return to the court several years later when their case finally comes up? Sure.

Did you know ICE currently has to maintain more than 40,000 beds worth of people who crossed the border illegally? That costs the American taxpayer at least $126/day for every person housed, about $46,000 each per year.

Big business/big ag are responsible for much of the illegal immigration and these businesses have not been as responsible as they should about verifying identity of all their illegal employees.

In Dallas alone, in the first four months of 2017, arrests of illegal immigrants increased by 40 percent to 4,969. This is thanks to Trump’s crackdown on immigration policy.

I urge the public to not buy into the fake news and liberal protests that are demanding ICE be abolished. Don’t melt ICE!

David Burns



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