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Letter | Walden weak on senior aid, veteran issues

Published on September 7, 2018 12:01AM

Last changed on September 7, 2018 11:48PM

Recently a woman wrote in from Hermiston saying that the reason Walden doesn’t do town hall meetings is that he doesn’t have time, since he chairs one of the most important committees in Congress. I found that odd because I have been told by other congressmen who chair important committees like Veterans Affairs, Armed Services and Health and Human Services that they do town hall meetings — so why doesn’t Walden?

Representative John Katko (R-24th District New York) told me that it is expected that you do town hall meetings. If he can do them then why doesn’t Greg? Mr. Walden, are you so tied to your PAC money that you are too busy to have a town hall and listen to your constituents on matters that matter to them?

You talk about helping seniors so where is AMTRAK? Why is it that we do with unreliable bus service or air service when we have rails that run through the majority of your district that used to haul AMTRAK cars every day of the week?

You talk about getting good health care for veterans, yet it was Patty Murray who made sure that the money was there to build the new clinics at Walla Walla VA outpatient clinics. Did you forget that part of the veterans who live in Eastern Oregon go to that clinic?

Greg, if you aren’t willing to step up to he plate and help your constituents then maybe it’s time that you retire to Hood River and run your radio stations and let someone else, such as Jamie McLeod-Skinner, do the job. She’s not afraid to tackle the hard issues and get results.

Barbara Ann Wright-Dunagan



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