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Letter | What do we teach our kids?

Published on September 11, 2018 12:01AM

Last changed on September 11, 2018 9:19PM

Do we want our kids to grow up believing that winning is always the objective rather than sportsmanship? We “baby boomers” frequently wonder what is happening to the world with the behavior of our young people with violence and bullying in and out of school.

I know that I am probably naïve in thinking that part of sports was learning about sportsmanship.

I attended a game of 8-man high school football Sept. 6. One team had 10 guys suited up, so you know that each of them would be playing almost the entire game.

The other team had enough players for a first string and a second string with extra players besides. They scored in the first few minutes and continued to score throughout the game. The score at half time was so lopsided that I heard a fan of the winning team say that “if this was baseball they would call the game.” First string players continued to play in the second half. It was obvious that the small man team would lose.

So is sportsmanship taught by letting the second string play the entire second half and giving the small team some chance of at least scoring? No, we teach that kicking a man when he is down and then stomping on him so that he can’t get up is an OK thing to do.

Shame on us who live in Pilot Rock.

What are we teaching our kids?

Risa Riggen

Pilot Rock


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