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Letter | Many thanks to ‘The Knights of Columbus’

Published on October 10, 2018 12:01AM

Last changed on October 11, 2018 3:45PM

I want to make the public aware of a wonderful organization called “The Knights of Columbus” and the fantastic things that they do for the people of Hermiston. This organization supports folks in need and is affiliated with Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church.

I was made aware of this organization through my neighbor, who is a member. I had approached him one afternoon to ask if he knew of anyone who might be willing to do some minor repair jobs around my house. Since I am an older single woman, it is difficult at times to find anyone to help me.

He told me to give him a little while and he would make a few calls. In about an hour or so, here came my neighbor Jerry and Mr. Mark Gomolski, who is also a member of “The Knights of Columbus.”

They spent about an hour or so walking through my home to see what needed to be done. I needed a new kitchen sink and a back door installed in my garage, along with some other minor things. I had already purchased everything in advance and just needed help with the installation. They agreed to come out the next Saturday to do the work.

I had to be away on Saturday to attend a family funeral and when I got home everything was done.

I was truly amazed at the wonderful job they did. They arrived early and came well prepared with their own tools. There were five great gentlemen who came to help me that day and I could not have gotten this done any other way. I felt free to leave them alone in my home and they accomplished everything I needed done.

Incidentally, Mark Gomolski is currently running for City Council and I would support him as a great candidate. He is a person who gets things done and helps people of the Hermiston community. We need people like him running for office.

I would like to thank Mark Gomolski, “The Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Church for coming to my aid at a very difficult time.

Bernadine Chamberlin



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