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Letter | Murdock gives taxpayers their money’s worth

Published on October 10, 2018 10:05AM

George Murdock is the right person at the right time to continue the progress Umatilla County has made with its finances and the reorganization of county departments. Retired Sheriff John Trumbo, in a recent letter to the editor of this newspaper, was right on target when he pointed out that George Murdock makes tough decisions and accomplishes his work. It is extremely important he remain as our county commissioner.

On the personal side, George Murdock is a compassionate and kind person. He is not angry nor grinding an ax. He cares about the future of this county. He goes to work at 7:30 a m. and does his job. Taxpayers are getting their money’s worth with Commissioner George Murdock.

Further, he is able to keep a keen sense of humor about the complexity of managing the day-to-day operations of one of the largest geographical counties in Oregon.

George is a true steward of our county. He listens to all points of view from diverse interest groups. He is deliberate and decisive when he makes his decisions. He takes his responsibility to manage this county seriously.

George Murdock is the right person at the right time to represent us as one of Umatilla County’s commissioners. He has earned our vote and yours.

Alice and David Nelson



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