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Letter | Second district has stagnated under Walden

Published on October 11, 2018 3:45PM

As the midterm elections approach, it is time to replace Greg Walden. Mr. Walden was once a capable representative, but as of late, he, like the party that he represents, has lost his way. Since he thinks that his seat is safe and his re-election is guaranteed, his primary focus has been to raise campaign funds for himself and other members of his party by hosting lavish fundraisers attended by wealthy donors. In the meantime, the district that he represents remains economically stagnant, not basking in the economic upturn enjoyed by most Americans.

Mr. Walden pays lip service to his constituents and is rarely seen in the district. He attempts to make the residence of the district believe that he is working for us, but this is just a sham. He has never voted for a middle class tax cut and prides himself on being a fiscal conservative, yet he readily voted for a tax bill that adds $1.5 trillion to an already staggering national debt and offers significant tax relief to only a small percentage of the residents in our district.

He chairs the powerful congressional energy and commerce committee, yet refuses to place significant emphasis on the development of alternative energy sources, a burgeoning industry that might possibly provide economic opportunities to the district.

Mr. Walden’s opponent, Jamie McLeod-Skinner, is a strong, capable woman, highly educated and well-versed in the political process. She has taken it upon herself to tirelessly travel to every corner of our vast district. She has tried her best to connect with all people in the district regardless of party affiliation and, most importantly, she has listened.

She understands that the majority of the people in the district are hurting and need some relief by just being presented with opportunities to better themselves and their communities. Ms. McLeod-Skinner has some reasonable and logical proposals to offer affordable health care and improved educational opportunities to the residence of the district.

Mark Petersen



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