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Pendleton SAT scores just below national average

Antonio Sierra

East Oregonian

Published on December 14, 2017 5:57PM

Last changed on December 14, 2017 9:39PM

Pendleton High School’s recent SAT scores show a school close to meeting the national average.

High school Principal Dan Greenough shared the class of 2017’s SAT results at a Pendleton School Board meeting. According to Greenough’s report, the school’s mean score of 1059 was below the state average of 1106 and a hair below the national mean score of 1071.

Pendleton’s 537 mean score for reading and writing was just one point below the national average.

But scores for the class of 2018 showed a widening gap between local scores and the state and national averages. The 1035 school mean was 84 points behind the state mean and 38 points behind the national mean.

Greenough said the class of 2018 numbers are far from final, since the current scores are only reflective of students taking the tests during their junior year. Once the class gets another chance to take the SAT later this school year, those numbers could rise. All sophomores can take the practice SAT for free while juniors can take the mock exam for $34.

The report also includes the average score for students who take the ACT, a less popular test at Pendleton High School than the SAT. Of the 27 students who took the ACT, they averaged a higher score than the state average in all subjects with the exception of English. In that subject, the school average was less than one point below the state average.

Board member Debbie McBee said SAT scores were an improvement over previous years, although Greenough said he couldn’t confirm it at the meeting.

While the high school appears to be heading toward the state and national averages, Greenough doesn’t want the school to rest on its laurels.

“There’s always a way to do better by our students,” he said.

Despite performing toward the bottom in graduation rate, chronic absenteeism and number of school days, Oregon outperforms the national average on SAT scores.


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