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Hamley’s co-owner files second suit against business partner

Phil Wright

East Oregonian

Published on December 27, 2017 4:56PM

Hamley’s co-owner Blair Woodfield has filed a new lawsuit against his business partner Parley Pearce suing him for $873,000.

Staff photo by E.J. Harris

Hamley’s co-owner Blair Woodfield has filed a new lawsuit against his business partner Parley Pearce suing him for $873,000.

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Hamley’s co-owner Blair Woodfield is calling in his chips against business partner Parley Pearce.

Woodfield is again suing Pearce, this time for almost $873,000. Woodfield’s attorney, Steven Joseph of La Grande, filed the complaint Nov. 14 in Umatilla County Circuit Court.

In the 56-page document, Woodfield asserts he made 11 loans from 2007-2011 to Pearce Woodfield Development, the limited-liability company the two men own and operate, and Pearce failed to pay back those loans.

Woodfield claims Pearce owes $533,980, plus accrued interest as of May 31 of $338,646. The total comes to $872,626.

Woodfield provided copies of the promissory notes detailing the loans. The first and largest was for $200,000 plus interest and came due Feb. 16, 2012. Woodfield asserts Pearce owes $262,543 on that deal alone.

The lawsuit also contains a copy of the partnership agreement Woodfield and Pearce signed in November 1999. The partnership consisted of several limited-liability companies the men owned, including Pearce Woodfield Development, Pearce Woodfield Properties and Wendy’s of Walla Walla, per the agreement, and had an initial worth of $6 million.

Court records show Pearce and Pearce Woodfield Development received copies of the complaint.

Both Woodfield and Pearce declined to comment to the East Oregonian on the proceedings. The parties have not set a date to meet in court.

Woodfield’s first lawsuit against Pearce received new life in July. In that complaint, Woodfield accuses Pearce of wrongful conduct that had a negative effect on all Hamley’s operations and seeks to have the court dissolve the Hamley companies. Pearce sought to dismiss the lawsuit. Circuit Judge Lynn Hampton in January granted the dismissals, but she also allowed Woodfield to amend the complaint to better make his case.

Woodfield did, and Pearce again asked the court to dismiss. Hampton in a three-page letter sent in July ruled against Woodfield’s suit on two fronts for not alleging damages.

However, she also ruled his other claims, including that Pearce’s conduct hurts the business, can go forward.

“Whether the alleged conduct actually does adversely and materially affect the business or affairs of the LLC is a matter of proof for trial,” according to the letter.

The initial suit has a review hearing Jan. 18 in Umatilla County Circuit Court, Pendleton. Hampton is retiring, and court records show Circuit Judge Russell West of La Grande will preside.


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