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Violent crime rises, property crimes fall in Pendleton

Phil Wright

East Oregonian

Published on February 13, 2018 5:28PM

Violent crime in Pendleton rose 48 percent from 2015 to 2016, according to the city police department’s latest crime report.

Pendleton police collects the crime data the FBI uses in its National Incident Based Reporting System, which tracks 49 crime categories. For that reason, Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts explained the data is a year old when the FBI releases it.

Pendleton police investigated 46 violent crimes in 2016, 15 more than the year before.

The department handled four rapes in 2015 but 11 in 2016. Three of those met the definition for forcible rape, according to the report, while the others were statutory in nature, meaning they involved people under 18 years who are more than three years apart in age.

The department also saw an increase of aggravated assault for the second year in a row: nine in 2014, 20 in 2015, and 32 in 2016

Larceny, however, fell from 637 cases to 435, and overall property crime dropped 17 percent.

The Pendleton Police department has 24 officers, one more than what it had in 1968. The report shows total calls for service rose almost 7 percent to 20,403.

Roberts also advised crime data “is merely a reflection of outcomes” and ”does not necessarily represent the true picture.” While the statistics have value, he cautioned they “should not be used to evaluate, rank or compare the effectiveness of an entity or agency in and of themselves.”


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