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Sunridge students earn Bronc Pride awards

Published on March 12, 2018 8:18AM

PENDLETON — Sunridge Middle School has announced the Bronc Pride Award winners for the month of February. Recipients these special awards are either consistently modeling high expectations related to readiness, respect and responsibility, or have recently experienced recognizable growth in one or all of these areas. This is a truly remarkable honor worthy of continued recognition.

Sixth Grade: Nicolas Alexander, Caleb Bentley, Desirae Campbell, Whitney Chen, Brianna Corona-Rodriguez, Sam Ellis, Brody Holtz, Joseph Jensen, Eli Marsh, Kelli Nelson, Jazmine Parsons, Degan Patton, Adam Powell, Hailey Schmidt, Frederique Schreir, Sky Smith, Alison Spratling, Alex Tinoco, Rylee Turk, Mackenzie Walker, and Jhonny Zhang.

Seventh Grade: Maria Alvarez. Dossie Bates, Summer Broncheau, Melanie Castaneda, Andrew Demianew, Izzy Gee, Ethan Harrison, Mason McDermott, Aleece Primmer, Gauge Rueber, Nicholas Tindol, Summer Wildbill, and Dilubch Yaoch.

Eighth Grade: Ashton Anderson, Miguel Arizaga Corona, Brookelynn Banks, Oscar Barajas, Aubrey Blakley, Wyatt Christy, Grace Frazier, Allison Galloway, Sauren Garton, Caleb Golter, Sarah Griner, Ethan Harrison, Jordan Jones, Lennox Lamone, Korey Legore, Jamison Lewis, Lyllith Martin Bursell, Kinley McAnally, Anthony Medrano, Juniper Sorenson, Ryatt Strandholm, Kylie Waugh, Andrew Williams, and Dugan Wicklander.


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