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Altrusans reach out to needy students

Published on December 2, 2017 12:01AM

Altrusa International of Pendleton recently received a pair of grants that will assist in supporting a couple of youth-focused projects.

The Wildhorse Foundation awarded a $10,000 grant. Half of it will go to the Feed the Child program, which helps ensure needy students have food to eat over the weekend.

The other half of the Wildhorse grant is going to the KARE (Kids At Risk Empowered) program. In addition, the Altrusa International Foundation gave $2,000 for the KARE project.

The KARE program centers around helping meet the needs of homeless students in the Pendleton School District. Altrusa, who received information about student needs from the school district, is initially focusing on 30 homeless students with the greatest needs. As support for the program increases, the Altrusans hope to provide help to additional homeless students.

Individuals, groups or businesses can sponsor students in the program. KARE serves students from elementary school through high school. Last spring, the average cost to provide for a KARE student was $200-$300.

For more information about the KARE program or to inquire about sponsoring a student, contact Karen Rose at 541-969-3587 or k_rose1232@hotmail.com.


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