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Nixyaawii enjoys holiday feast

Published on December 23, 2017 12:01AM

A generous outpouring from the community resulted in a bountiful holiday meal at Nixyaawii Community School.

The Dec. 15 luncheon event included students, parents and staff. The school received donations of food, money to purchase needed items and volunteers to assist with preparation for the special meal.

Organizers expressed special thanks to cooks: Trish McMichael, Arlyn Garcia, Eva Looney and Trinette Minthorn Nowland; decorations: Syreeta Azure; blessing: Thomas Morning Owl; and donations: CTUIR Head Start, Ryan Heinrich, Paula Heinrich, Travis Eastwood, Pam Wiley, Jewel Kennedy, Isaiah Welch, Willa Wallis, NCS Booster Club, Brandy Weaskus, Terri Carnes, Tim Mathena, James Mountainchief, Jared Wildbill and Liz Bill.


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