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Daughter appreciates professional care at St. Anthony

Published on March 1, 2018 11:50AM

I almost lost my mom two weeks ago. When I got her to the emergency room at St. Anthony Hospital I didn’t know if she would make it or not.

The team of nurses, specialists and the attending physician worked quickly and efficiently to help her, while calming her at the same time. I appreciated and respected the doctor’s expertise in quickly diagnosing her condition.

From there, she spent five more days recovering and stabilizing while in St. Anthony’s care. The nurses were extremely professional, caring, gentle, and kind. The collaboration, cooperation and teamwork of the nursing staff was impressive. My fear of losing Mom turned into gratification and trust because of the nurses that first night.

I must admit that when I learned of Mom’s condition I felt very anxious about how I could possibly help her in the days following her release. I was sure I would have to hire someone to help her. Not so! Throughout her days there she was repeatedly visited by a dietitian, two community resource specialists, a heart failure nurse, a pharmacist, a physical therapist and several respiratory therapists. These professionals were Mom’s dedicated care team. Every day I learned more and more about how to manage Mom’s condition. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better, more relevant, education compacted into six days. Now I felt fully confident that I could continue the care for Mom, and do it well.

On the day Mom was discharged, she was a new person! She felt good, she had more energy, she could breathe deeply and her mind was sharp again. Her care team visited once more to remind us that her care did not end when she left the hospital. We were reassured that we could call any of the specialists at any time. Sure enough, the heart failure nurse called the next day to check in to see how Mom was doing. I can see that our relationship with these health care professionals will continue.

We have a great resource in this town, and it’s St. Anthony Hospital. The excellent nurses, doctors, specialists and staff work as a dedicated team for patients’ care and health during and after being discharged. They are amazing and I’ll always be grateful to them. Thank you, St. Anthony, for putting Mom on the road to recovery.

Connie Macomber



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