Why set the book in Wallowa County? Young: I thought about setting it in British Columbia where my family is, but I've lived in Oregon for over 30 years and I love Oregon. And my family and I have camped at Wallowa Lake, gone up the tram and all that stuff, and we've done it over Labor Day weekend, all of that - and Wallowa County just fit. And, I was writing this for my kids! I was like, 'Nobody else is going to read this but my kids.' This is a story I wrote for my children and I have six children ages 28 to 15 and we've all camped there and spent time there (at Wallowa Lake) with friends, and with the bear, and with the chipmunks and deer that stole our cookies. It's all there.

Are you astounded that this book you wrote for your children has become a best seller?Young: Oh my gosh, come on! Am I astounded? I've never published anything before or tried to. I've always written just as gifts for my friends or family. For this (book) to do this ... How do you take somebody who has never written a book, put them with a group of friends who don't really know what their doing, who can't find a publisher after they've sent it to 25 publishing companies so they create their own (publishing company), who pool their money funds and Visa/Mastercards for the first run, who spend less than $300 on marketing . . . ? This is a God thing. Anybody that's been inside this process, there's just no question in our minds that this is a God thing - which is wonderful for me because it leaves me free. I don't have an identity (as a writer or best seller). By the time I wrote this story everything that mattered to me was in place and the story has not added to me.

It's the beauty of the irony of a God who laughs. Where do we think laughter came from? Do we think it's part of "the fall" and Lucifer created it? I think it exists in God and in that relationship between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we get invited into.

We have heard that a film is in the works. Is that true?Young: That possibility looks really good. Five out of the six major studios have expressed interest, but we want the story protected as much as it can be, so we are being very deliberate. Conversations with film companies continue but the book has not been optioned, yet.


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