I believe that any city that doesn't plan for the future and develop ways to grow will eventually die.

I believe that Pendleton needs to expand and embrace new things. That's going on now. The new road to the airpot hasn't impacted me yet, and (since I'm not looking for a warehouse) it may never do so.

However, it's a way to grow. I hope it works. I do have one fear, though. I'm afraid they're going to name it Southwest Perkins Avenue.

I live on Southwest Perkins and I dread it every time I have to give directions to someone who's never noticed Pendleton's penchant for hanging on to its street names, come rivers, creeks or ravines.

To get to my Southwest Perkins Avenue via Southgate, you must resist the urge to turn on two other totally unconnected but identically named streets.

When my husband saw and decided to rent and then buy this house, the real estate agent took him back to the office to complete some paperwork. He was handed the keys and told he could move in right away. He then drove around for an hour trying to find the house that was to become our home.

New pizza delivery drivers are always late. People who say they know where I live usually call and ask for further directions.

And it doesn't just happen to Southwest Perkins Avenue. Look at the street that runs alongside of Safeway. Dorion Avenue? How? It ends at the Melanie Square parking lot.

Roads that loop, meanwhile, take on three different names when you haven't signaled a turn once. First a numbered street, then a named street, then a different numbered street.

Perhaps, when our founding fathers were mulling over a map and coming up with street names, they were only allowed a set amount of different names.

Or maybe they envisioned that some day, in the distant future (which occurred about 50 years ago) we'd have built all kinds of bridges over various and sundry obstacles. Well, it didn't happen.

As we move to attract new business and industry to our city, we should not just be concerned with our schools, clean air, and available housing. We should rename the streets so they actually are logical. If they don't connect, they get different names. Pretty simple, right?

Of course, I can imagine all the complaining about the street names that are selected. And I know my small two block piece of Southwest Perkins Avenue would change to something like Whisky Drive, but that's fine with me. Anything beats cold pizza.


"Home Front" by Terry Murry is published every other Sunday.

She can be reached at tmmurry@hotmail.com.


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