"Fever Pitch" is based on the book of the same name by Nick Hornby.

Jimmy Fallon stars as a man obsessed with the Boston Red Sox, which wreaked havoc on his love life until he met co-star Drew Barrymore. She accepts his passion for the Sox and gives him a chance at love. Their budding relationship proceeds as a comedic love story.

Barrymore always seems at home in this type of role - think "Wedding Singer" or "50 First Dates."

Fallon, on the other hand, misses the mark. He seems to have decided to base his character exactly after Woody Allen, circa "Annie Hall." It causes a fair amount of distraction and comes off as forced and unnatural and takes you out of the alternate reality movies try to create.

My only other disappointment was that the movie seemed to move a little slow in places. It didn't have the energy and quirkiness of another one of Hornby's better movies, "High Fidelity."

I would suggest it as a great date movie, which, of course, is code for "chick-flick."

Most guys though would probably find an afternoon watching the Sox on TV more enjoyable.


Mark Stansbury is an accountant who lives in Pendleton. He can be reached at mark_stansbury@hotmail.com.


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