PENDLETON - Howard and David, the Bellamy Brothers will appear in concert at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 23, at Wildhorse Resort & Casino's Entertainment Hall.

"You'll hear a couple of old guys with a lot of life left in them sing quite a repertoire of hits," Howard Bellamy said last week. "We throw a new song in now and then to entertain ourselves mostly."

The brothers who grew up in Florida's orange and cattle country studied music with their father who was an avid country-music fan.

"We always had music in our home," Howard said. "It was more of a lifestyle and not so much a career, but we had some success early by writing music for others."

In addition to country music, they also listened to music from the British Invasion of the 1960s and other popular music.

"We were influenced by island music," such as the music created by Jamaican laborers who picked oranges and sang while they worked. "Their great melodies are so very positive," he said.

The result is an integrated, hybrid, style that the Brothers have become known for.

"Let Your Love Flow," was their first big hit, in 1976. It allowed them to tour in Europe for two years. The song is featured in the recent film, "Along Came Polly."

The duo travels with their band, "everywhere," Howard said. They have been to South Africa, the Middle East and the Eastern Block.

Traveling to so many places, gives the duo a broad outlook of the world and its cultures, Howard said.

They average 250 performances per year, which means lots of time away from home and traveling many miles.

"It's a different lifestyle," Howard said. "But after this long, it becomes normal. We have so many crazy stories: Bomb scares at airports, close calls in all parts of the world, blizzards we shouldn't have lived through. Some are funny and some not so funny. That's the perils of travel."

The duo has been recording for 30 years, has 35 albums, has toured in 43 countries and all 50 states. They have had 14 number one country records.

Bellamy Brothers

•7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 23

•Wildhorse Resort & Casino Entertainment Hall

•$15 general admission, $20 reserved section admission. In advance at the casino gift shop or by calling (800) 654-9453, ext. 1128.


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