HERMISTON - The Farm City Wranglers experienced first hand what it is like to live in a giving community.

The 4-H sheep club, under the leadership of Kim Bolen and Chris Hanson, spent the past year holding car washes, bottle drives and other fund-raisers to earn money for a livestock blow dryer and electric clippers, for this year's Umatilla County Fair.

Three weeks ago, their dryer was stolen. The blow dryer is a very important piece of equipment for club members.

"Once kids wash the lambs they have to blow dry them," Bolen said. "They have to get them dry and clean enough to shear, if not it ruins the shears."

Local businesses heard of the theft and came to the rescue, donating the $450 to purchase a new dryer as well as helping the club purchase a much-needed pair of electric clippers, just in time for the fair.

"All these businesses donate so much and to rally at the last minute to help us out is wonderful," Bolen said. "I was amazed when these businesses jumped to the aid of these 4-H kids. I was thrilled to be a part of a community that realizes what wonderful organizations such as 4-H and FFA do for our youth. After all, that is also what the Umatilla County Fair is all about - our youth."

Bolen is passionate about helping the youth, seeing them participate in the fair and seeing their hard work pay off in a show ring with a big smile and a blue ribbon, she said.

"4-H and FFA are great organizations to keep kids busy," Bolen said. "Kids work hard during the 4-H year getting ready for the fair."

The businesses who rallied around to support the Farm City Wranglers 4-H Club are Elmer's Irrigation, Inc., Western Express, Les Schwab Tire, Community Bank, Heller and Sons Distributing, Inc., Hermiston Foods, Swaggart Brothers, Inc., Kopacz Nursery, Eastern Oregon Mobile Slaughter, Sherrell Chevrolet, Oxarc, Purswell Pump Co., Inc., Engraving Specialties and Pendleton Grain Growers.

"Thanks to all these businesses," Bolen said. "They helped to not allow one bad person to ruin these kids' fair and for that we thank them."

Anyone who has information on the stolen Green Livestock Blow Dryer can call detective Terry Rowan or officer Jason Edmiston at the Hermiston Police Department, 567-5519.

"If we do recover the blow dryer, we will donate it to another club in need," Bolen said. "They helped us and we will help others."


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