Calling all musicians

Joe and Cody Richardson play in the Willow Creek Symphony concert last April in Stanfield.<BR><I>Photo contributed by Lukes Photos</I>

If you enjoy singing or play an instrument, the Inland Northwest Musicians has a place for you. Regardless of whether you're a beginner or posses polished skills, the Inland Northwest Musicians has an ensemble that will fit your skill level.

General Manager Teresa Best, who's also a charter member of the chorale, said the organization is unique in that it offers a place for seasoned veterans, people who may be a bit rusty after not singing or playing an instrument for years and for beginners or students who want additional opportunities to perform besides school programs.

Best said the chorale and orchestra draws participants from all over Eastern Oregon, including as far away as Enterprise and Arlington. She said a number of carpools are utilized for rehearsals and performances.

"That makes it kind of fun, too, because you get a chance to know people," she said.

Rehearsals begin for the ensembles as follows:

For musicians with prior experience, rehearsals begin for the Inland Northwest Orchestra on Thursday, Sept. 3, at Harris Junior Academy, 3121 S.W. Hailey Ave., Pendleton and for the Inland Northwest Chorale Monday, Aug. 31, at Harris Junior Academy.

Opportunities for youth and intermediate musicians for the Willow Creek Symphony begins Tuesday, Sept. 1 at 6 p.m., at Irrigon High School, 315 E. Wyoming Ave. Rehearsals for Willow Creek Singers, the youth and preparatory choral group, follows at 7:30 p.m., also at Irrigon High School.

Between the ensembles, a total of 24 free concerts are performed each season.

"We travel to do our concerts all over Eastern Oregon," Best said. "It's just a neat opportunity for smaller communities to get quality concerts."

Best said rather than having to travel to Seattle or Portland, the ensembles perform in small communities throughout Eastern Oregon.

Contact 541-289-4696 or for more information.


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