As soon as the word first came out about the development of a Catwoman movie, which had nothing to do with Batman or even followed the character's own origins accurately; the expectations were quite low.

The finished product does nothing to redeem itself from early speculation. Playing the role of Patience Philips, Halle Berry tries throughout the movie to make Catwoman alluring yet dangerous. Berry has played a superhero before in the X-men movies with much better results. A fact that remains painfully obvious as the film proceeds.

The plot, which serves as nothing more than an excuse to watch Berry prance around in her infamous cat-suit, is centered on Catwoman trying to stop the launch of a new beauty cream that has hazardous side effects. Sharon Stone plays the new president and former spokes model of the company who frames Catwoman for murder so that the launch can go off without incident.

Patience's love interest, Tom (Benjamin Bratt), is the detective assigned to the Catwoman case. This leads to conflict between her personal and professional life that is oddly similar to conflict experienced in a significantly better superhero movie that came out this summer.

"Catwoman" often tries to be something else, ripping pages from the Spiderman and Daredevil playbooks every chance it gets. Especially when it comes to editing, music choice and fight scenes. Pitoff, the film's director, worked on commercials before this film. But I didn't buy a single thing about this boring, predictable, mess.

Keysha Couzens is a senior at Umatilla High School who hopes to pursue a career in journalism and film studies.


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