St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton

NOV. 18, 2014

MAGANA — Brandi R. Sullivan and Alejandro S. Magana of Hermiston; a boy, Xander Ermin Magana.

DEC. 30, 2014

MACOMBER — Shelby A. Macomber and Clayton P. Macomber of Condon; a girl, Whitlee Jade Macomber.

JAN. 1, 2015

DENSON — Icy Roe and Joseph A. Denson of Pilot Rock; a girl, Naia Wintre Denson.

JAN. 2, 2015

BRONSON — Elizabeth L. Bronson and Bryson G. Bronson of Pendleton; a boy, Bowen River Bronson.

CALDER — Hailee D. Stuart; a boy, Kellin Douglas Calder.

SCHULZE — Noelle K. Schulze and Christopher M. Schulze of Pendleton; a boy, Samuel Albert Schulze.

JAN. 6, 2015

SPRAGUE — Scarlette Griffo and Damien Sprague of Pendleton; a boy, Ryder Daniel Allen Mayson Sprague.

Good Shepherd Medical Center, Hermiston

DEC. 31, 2014

CHILDERS — Alisha Serrano and Kacy Childers of Ione; a girl, Kleo Adalynn Childers.

JAN. 5, 2015

RAMIREZ CHAVEZ — Berenice Chavez and Jhonatan M. Ramirez of Boardman; a boy, Gael Ramirez Chavez.

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