PENDLETON - Employees at the Umatilla-Morrow Educational Service District are coming together to help two of their own visit their ailing mother.

Linda Smith and Pauline Adams recently learned their mother is suffering from stage 3 non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The sisters say the lymph nodes in their mother's body are affected by the sudden onset of cancer.

Sylvia Adams, 62, is hospitalized with severe swelling from the waist down, a constant cough and a high fever. Her daughters can't just hop in their car and head home. Sylvia and Adams live in England.

Employees at the ESD knew that Smith and Adams would have trouble affording tickets to England. They run at about $1,800 during the summer months. So, the group has begun collecting money so the sisters can see their mother. The last time the family was together was last summer when the parents traveled to Oregon.

The ESD notified the East Oregonian of the collection when it became apparent other people in the community also would like a chance to help the sisters.

Linda Smith, a single parent, is a Medicaid specialist who's worked for the district for 14 years. Pauline Adams is a graphic technician in the ESD's print shop where she's been employed for seven years.

"Neither one of them can easily pay for such expensive flights on their own," ESD Public Information Officer Casey White said.

The public is welcome to make donations to the fun at the ESD's Pendleton office, 2001 S.W. Nye Ave. White said that 100 percent of the proceeds will go toward Smith's and Adams' trip to England.


This is a replay of a story that appeared on the Web Monday.

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