Court begins official duties

Photo by Terry Murry<br> The 2010 Round-Up court comprised of Nancy Platt, Paige Bailey, Queen Cheyenne Williams, Kelsey Wrightson and Alexandria Featherstone pose for pictures at the Adams home of Doug and Heather Corey, following their media introduction breakfast.

The 2010 Pendleton Round-Up court was introduced to the media at the annual breakfast held in their honor, hosted by Doug and Heather Corey, Nov. 28 at their home in Adams. Also hosting the event were Steve and Susan Corey, Joan Corey and Tom and Ellyn Weeks. The hosts also presented Queen Cheyenne Williams of Athena and princesses Paige Bailey of Joseph, Alexandria Featherstone of Pendleton, Nancy Platt of Pendleton and Kelsey Wrightson of Hermiston, with their official Round-Up earrings.

The young ladies who will reign over the centennial Round-Up also received their official name badges from Bill and Joane Lorenzen, George and Peggy Clough, Paul and Donna Green, Marv and Linda Anderson, Troy and Roselle LeGore, Tygh and Sara Campbell, Dave and Terri O'Neil and Jerrod and Terri Spriet, who are all from Pendleton.

The 2009 queen, Tiffany Aliverti of Walla Walla, gave the young women red and silver dangle earrings. Larry and Julie Williams presented the court with silver cuff bracelets and red travel bags. Larry Williams is the court director and Julie Williams is the chaperone for the court. They are also the parents of the 2010 queen.

The Round-Up Association gave Round-Up baseball caps to the fathers of the royalty and coffee mugs to the mothers. Round-Up President Randy Severe and his wife, Rosemary, presented the court with bucking horse purses while the Round-Up publicity director and his wife, Carl and Jaclyn Culham of Athena, gave the young women copies of "Pendleton Round-Up at 100, Let 'er Buck." Culham told the queen and princesses the book would help them learn about the rich history of the rodeo they represent.

At the breakfast, the young women enjoyed the traditional casserole that is now available to the public in the Round-Up's cookbook. They were interviewed for the radio, posed for pictures and signed posters. They were also measured for their leathers by Mary Bonifer of Athena, who is now busy creating the outfits.

Following the meal and activities, the young women drove into Pendleton to visit the Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame and to stop in and congratulate the 2010 Happy Canyon princesses, Alexandra Nilo and Katie Harris of Pendleton, at a gathering introducing them to the public at the Pendleton Convention Center.

The busy season of promoting the Pendleton Round-Up will kick off in March, when both courts are officially introduced to the Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon boards of directors at a dinner during which the grand marshal of the Westward Ho! Parade also will be announced.


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