100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

April 3, 1919

A slight Chinese uprising in the kitchen of the French restaurant Saturday night was settled in police court this morning by judgments against Ah Jim and Ah Ben, the culprits, being fined $19 each. Tex Morgan, head waiter and the third party in the case, was absolved. China, both men and ware, was very evident Saturday night when an order from Morgan was confused by the two cooks. Morgan, the testimony showed, called the Chinese a few eloquent but indiscreet names, whereas both Jim and Ben retaliated that he was crazy. Someone’s arm felt the call to action and in the free-for-all which ensued one pancake turner, a few cups and several plates of various size permeated the atmosphere between Morgan, on one side, and the Chinese on the other. Morgan’s head intercepted the pancake turner and he is carrying the mark of the wound yet.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

April 3, 1969

Kone Hancock, 11, lost a finger and half his thumb when a carbon dioxide cartridge exploded in his hand. Kone, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hancock of Pendleton, found the pellet gun cartridge while on his paper route. He thought it was empty. He was stoking a coal furnace at home when he turned a handle on the furnace and hit the cartridge on the hot side of the furnace. The cartridge exploded in his hand. He has been in surgery twice as a result of the accident and goes back for a third time Thursday.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

April 3, 1994

There are no stop lights in Ukiah, only mountains, trees, and a tiny town banked on either side of a solitary paved street. Students and parents must turn up a narrow gravel road to reach the school, a small white building surrounded by ponderosa pine. With only 47 students in grades K-12, Ukiah School is the state’s smallest. It’s also one of the most likely to close its doors. The district’s solution: building a boarding school and a bigger student body. “This may be the last shot we have at keeping our school,” said Mal Hancock, parent and member of the school’s site committee. “Without the school the town’s going to fold up. It’s so intertwined.”

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