100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

April 6-7, 1919

Those “comfy” army shoes with the wide last — do the Pendleton men who return from the army and navy still buy that type, or do they favor the toe-pinching variety in vogue before the days of the uniform? Local haberdashers say it’s about 50-50; that some of the veterans stick to the service shoe while others are as fussy about their feet as are the girls and demand narrow footwear. But all soldiers, sailors and Marines are united in this — they want to buy civvies with “beaucoup” speed, and they shun any style that suggests the military.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

April 6-7, 1969

Whether it was the result of a recent Ann Landers column or the result of a guilty conscience is not known, but James O. Burns, owner of Dunn Bros. store in Condon, received an unsigned letter last week, postmarked San Francisco. The letter read: “Enclosed is $2.00 to pay for a pair of bedroom slippers taken many years ago from your store.” Bob Eaton, owner of Eaton Men’s Wear, received a letter also during the past week addressed to Eaton’s Haberdashery. While the envelope bore an air mail stamp, it had not been postmarked, and the only content of the envelope was a one dollar bill. Both men feel that Ann Landers’ column of March 26 was responsible for the payment for goods that had been shoplifted from their stores.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

April 6-7, 1994

Thirteen-year-old Peter Lamb has completed his Eagle Scout community service project — scraping and painting bleachers and stenciling numbers at the Pendleton Round-Up grounds. The project involved the Round-Up’s west bleachers, sections “U” and V.” Lamb assembled a crew during the recent spring vacation from school to scrape loose paint off the benches, sweep off debris and paint the seats and floors. After the blue paint was dry, the scouts stenciled numbers in black for 741 seats. Ten boys worked on March 21, and six on March 22. Lamb says he thought of the project while ushering with the Boy Scouts at the 1993 Round-Up.

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