100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 15, 1911

A telephone communication from Adams this morning was to the effect that Clyde Franklin of that place last night enjoyed a short career as a desperado. After imbibing a quantity of “joy water” he entered the Cutler stables and stole a gun with which soon after he held up Reynold Lavadore and D.C. Knowlton and demanded that they enter the house of Pete Murray and bring out one Jimmy Gangrow, whose life blood he meant to have. The two men obeyed their orders but no Gangrow could they find in the house. In the meantime Marshal Barker got wind of Franklin’s deeds and soon had the “bad man” behind the bars. He will be brought to Pendleton this evening and the grand jury will look into his case.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 15, 1961

There was virtually no change in the labor situation at Stewart’s Super Market at Sherwood Heights today. Store Manager Bill Stewart said any further statements would be made by Harold E. Carlson of Portland, who yesterday said a charge had been filed with the Portland regional board of the National Labor Relations Board after two pickets appeared here Thursday. The pickets were on duty again Friday and this morning. The Pendleton Central Labor Council today again emphasized that is was not a strike, but the two men were “advertising” pickets, “just letting the public know that Stewart’s is not a completely union store.”

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Jan. 15, 1986

Hermiston city councilman Bill Neuffer is waging a persistent campaign to put a halter on speeding vehicles driving into the city from the south. For the last several council meetings, Neuffer has sought ways for the city to enforce a speed limit on vehicles descending the hill on Highway 395 into town from Stanfield. The hill is in an area where the state is reconstructing the highway and equipment and workers are often in the roadway. At this week’s meeting Neuffer complained again and received unanimous backing from fellow council members in instructing City Manager Tom Harper to write a letter to the state Speed Control Board. Neuffer is seeking a 35 mph limit on the road at least from Airport Way, just south of the railroad tracks into the city to where the construction ends at Fourth Street.

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