100 Years Ago

April 15, 1921

Great interest was displayed in the Indian pageant “Seeking the White Man’s Book of Heaven,” which was given by Mr. and Mrs. Parsons Motanic and young people of Parkdale under the direction of Rev. J.M. Cornelison at the Presbytery of Pendleton which has just been concluded at Parkdale. Pastors of the churches at Bend and Redmond have expressed a desire to have the pageant put on in their churches to arouse interest in missionary work. The Home Mission board in New York has also inquired as to the probable cost of having a party of Indians coming east with the missionary in the near future to stage the same pageant in a number of the large churches.

50 Years Ago

April 15, 1971

The accuracy of U.S. Air Force pilots was effectively demonstrated at the Navy Bombing Range near Boardman Monday in a competitive heavy equipment drop demonstration. The occasion was part of the continuing training in the Military Airlift Command, 22nd Air Force. Taking part were planes from Norton Air Force Base at San Bernardino, Calif., the Norton Reserve, Travis AFB near San Francisco, and McChord AFB at Tacoma. As each plane came in ground crews set smoke signals for the C41s to hit with their two-ton dead weight pellets, simulating heavy equipment. The 100-foot parachutes brought their cargo to the exact target in three out of four drops.

25 Years Ago

April 15, 1996

Everybody knows Hermiston has lots of potatoes; but would you believe classical musicians? The town counts two natives playing with major orchestras — Tim Morrison, a trumpet player with the Boston Symphony, and Ron Blessinger, a violinist with the Oregon Symphony. “Per capita, we may have the highest rate in classical musicians in the world,” says Blessinger, 30, who will appear in Hermiston April 24 when the Oregon Symphony hits the road to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Asked how he earned a spot in the Oregon Symphony having been raised in a town too small for an orchestra program, Blessinger gives a one-word reply. “Parents,” he says. “If a child shows talent for a classical instrument, parents have to be prepared to drive a long ways, which is what my parents did with me.”

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