100 Years Ago

April 20, 1921

Gentlemen credited with being engaged in the business of peddling moonshine let the story gain circulation in Walla Walla yesterday morning that two cars loaded with “juice” with a kick it in would be shipped overland immediately to Portland by way of Pendleton. The same rumor has it that the local authorities were warned to be on the lookout for the booze. Other officers along the proposed route were also warned, it is said, including Athena men. A special guard was kept on roads north of Pendleton. But the booze never got this far. Instead, the two cars are said to have come as far as the Warren Construction Company’s camp where a halt was called, the booze was disposed of, and work on the construction job is said to have been badly crippled the rest of the day as a result.

50 Years Ago

April 20, 1971

A 10-year dispute over the location of proposed Interstate 82 between Oregon and Washington appeared to be moving toward an end today, The Washington Highway Commission approved Tuesday a proposal that would drop I-82 into Oregon south of Wallula. It would follow the route of Highway 730 along the Columbia River to a point between Hat Rock and Umatilla, then south to Interstate 80 North, making a connecting about Bucks Corner. A reliable source indicated approval of the Oregon Highway Commission is likely.

25 Years Ago

April 20, 1996

Some kids, no matter how you implore them or how low their grades go, just won’t do their homework. And, in years past, they would have been passed from one grade to the next — promoted in spite of their poor performance. Not at Weston Middle School. At the end of this school year, kids who have failed in two or more core subject areas will remain in the same grade next fall. That means eighth graders who have frittered their time away in English, math, social studies and science won’t be heading to Weston-McEwen High School just yet. They’ll have to wait — and work — a year to get their grades up.

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