100 Years Ago

April 22, 1921

Articles for the formation the Oregon Co-operative Hay Growers Corporation were drawn up last night at a meeting in Hermiston ad signed by Arthur L. Larsen, Charles Powell, George Beddow, Adolf Skoubo, JohnCampbell, Eli Winesett and Hawley Bean, directors of the Columbia Basin Hay Growers’ Association which will be absorbed by the new organization. About 100 hay growers from Umatilla and Morrow counties are members of the Columbia Basin association and it is probably that the majority will join the new body. The pooling will be on the 100 percent basis. The farmers of the hay growing sections realize that the successful marketing of hay depends much on the local consumption and it will be the policy of the hay growers to encourage the feeding of hay in the county.

50 Years Ago

April 22, 1971

Ukiah wants to incorporate as a city. The community, a pioneer settlement in southern Umatilla County, has taken on new vitality during the last few years with the completion of a modern water system and increased demand for recreational land. The Umatilla County Court said Wednesday that petitions asking for incorporation are being processed. Next will come a hearing, and then an election. Dates have not been set but are expected to fall within the next three months. Four other communities in the county remain unincorporated. They are Meacham, Rieth, Umapine and Mission.

25 Years Ago

April 22, 1996

To Donald Freepons, Umatilla is the right place at the right time for a canola processing plant. Umatilla is centrally located to the Northwest’s canola crop production and to markets that buy canola oil and related products, he said. Freepons, of Kennewick, has asked the Port of Umatilla for permission to seek grant funding for a business plan to build such a plant in the port district. He estimated the plant could be built for less than $25 million. Port commissioners suggested he seek funds through Regional Strategies or related rural investment programs.

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