100 Years Ago

April 29, 1921

Mrs. Eula Ingles, a native of Pendleton, is held in the city jail in Astoria and may face a murder charge as the result of the shooting last night in a local rooming house. A.J. Burns, her victim, is lying in the hospital in a critical condition, the bullet having perforated his intestines. He is not expected to live. The two had been living together for several years as man and wife, the woman says, and came to Astoria a month ago. The shooting was the result of a moonshine party during which Burns is said to have beaten the woman. Mrs. Ingles says her maiden name was Eula Cox and that she was born in Pendleton in 1891, and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Cox, and left that city after finishing the grade school.

50 Years Ago

April 29, 1971

When an era of railroading ends here Friday with the last runs of passenger trains through Pendleton, three jobs go with it. Three Union Pacific telegraphers will be transferred to other jobs within the UP system. The door to the Pendleton passenger depot will be locked. Not that it will make much difference. Except for the last couple of weeks, the depot for years has been about as empty at midday as at midnight. “But it’s a shame,” said Vern Bryant, car desk clerk at the Pendleton depot. He’s worked here 30 years. “You’d think that at least one passenger train could have been left on the line.”

25 Years Ago

April 29, 1996

The Crook County Cowgirls never got word that there softball doubleheader agains the Bucks Saturday was moved up an hour to accommodate Pendleton’s prom. Consequently, the cowgirls were an hour late. After what the Bucks did to them, though, the Cowgirls will probably never be late again, especially on such an important date Pendleton crushed the tardy Cowgirls 24-1 and 13-0 to move to 5-1 in the Intermountain Conference standings, just a game back in the loss column to La Grande. On Saturday, just about every Buck who might have been in a slump got out of one.

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