100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

April 8-9, 1919

Easter isn’t so far away and the Smythe-Lonergan creamery has seen to it that the butter which is the creamery’s chief product has an appropriate bonnet in the form of three-color cartons and wrappers, bearing the words “Golden West,” with a blowing western sun in the background, as well as a picture of a contented herd knee deep in clover. The design, which has been copyrighted, was originated by Dan Smythe, and executed by Charles Lebengood, Portland artist who is famous for the “Round-Up Girl” on O.-W. R. & N. posters. The “Golden West” design will be used also on letterheads and as a trade mark for the ice cream which is another product of the company,

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

April 8-9, 1969

Umatilla Army Depot’s Delmar Van Arsdale, 36, and Marvin Carpenter, 39, left Friday for temporary civilian duty in South Vietnam as members of a Quick Reaction Team. Made up principally of volunteer civilian Department of Army employes, quick reaction teams are organized on short notice by the Army Materiel Command, Washington, D.C., from skills registers maintained there. Team members provide assistance to meeting unforeseen short-term requirements in connection with supply and maintenance of military equipment. The UAD employes will help identify and classify supply items, and they expect to be gone from their jobs for at least three months.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

April 8-9, 1994

The Oregon State University Experiment Station in Hermiston showed off its new weather station Wednesday. The facility uses satellite transmission get information about water to farmers. The systems helps conserve water for irrigators by providing more accurate information about how much water is needed to area crops, based on current weather conditions. The weather station is next to a potato field, north of the experiment station, where sensors will be placed to measure the moisture in both the soil and plants. “The information will be relayed to the station, then transmitted by satellite to Boise,” said Gary Reed, superintendent of the OSU Extension Service.

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